Atheist is not a bad word

The words atheist and atheism have a certain taboo associated with them. For the most part they are words you don’t really talk about, and if you fall into the atheist category chances are you feel like you are in the closet so to speak. I know I do. Only recently have family members found out that I am an atheist. Certain friends know. But it’s not something I go around broadcasting. But should I?

Christians and other religions are quick to say they’ll pray for you or bring up that they didn’t get that job because it wasn’t in “God’s plan”. But I feel like I can’t say anything. When it comes to my lack of religion I am in the minority in almost every situation. As time goes on my willingness to keep quiet is diminishing. I shouldn’t have to stifle who I am to appease those around me, within reason and in a respectful manner. I’m proud to be an atheist. And I’m not ashamed of it.

One thing that I seem to always hear is that people think that if you are an atheist you worship the devil. Not even a little bit. I believe in the devil as much as I believe in god, which is none at all.

I do believe in people. I believe that people would know right and wrong without any god. I believe that people would behave morally without any god. I believe that religion does and has done way more harm than good in this world. I believe that man created a god out of a need to have answers for why we are here and how we got here, and that people need to have a feeling of purpose. I believe that there is a change happening and as science and technology advance, people will stray away from believing in a god.

I am an atheist. I don’t believe in one less god than you. I am a good person. I contribute to society. I am not loud in my beliefs. And I don’t chastise you for your beliefs. I expect you to do the same.

I believe in one less god than you, you're almost an atheist too!

I believe in one less god than you, you’re almost an atheist too!


3 thoughts on “Atheist is not a bad word

  1. I suppose you should probably decide if it’s safe for you to be open about your atheism first. What do you risk losing if you come out? I’ve been open about my atheism for years, but I’ve never risked losing anything vital by coming out. I don’t have to worry about losing my job, or being attacked, or even losing family and friends by being open about my atheism.


    • Thats a great point. At this point the only thing I really risk is the friends that I never talk to. But I don’t think they would completely disown me either. I’m more concerned with trying to get others to think and not just follow. To not just blow off their doubts or questions.


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