Creationism vs. The Big Bang

For me it is easier to believe in The Big Bang than it is to believe that everything was created by some all powerful thing. I don’t believe we’re here by accident. I believe that with the amount of time that has existed our coming to being was an inevitability.  I don’t think as humans we can really fathom just how long the universe has been around or just how big it actually is. It’s humbling to see just how small our Earth is in comparison to everything around it. We aren’t even a speck. And the amount of time we are on this Earth is ridiculously small compared to the existence of time. This is the same reason I don’t believe that we are the only intelligent life out there. I believe that at some point there could have been life somewhere else in this universe, possibly very similar to us, but maybe vastly different. I wonder how far along technologically they had gotten or will get if they currently exist. Did they come up with the wheel too?

I’m no expert so i won’t try to explain evolution. The way I see it is simple. In this short time we are alive it is impossible for us to see evolution happening. In our lifetime chances are we will not get certain answers from science. And I’m willing to bet none of us will be a part of the rapture spoken of in The Bible. I’m a man of science rather than a man of god. Science looks for answers to all the questions we all have; where do we come from? how did we get here? Religion says God did it all and leaves it at that. No more thinking. Cause that’s too hard.

Believe what you want, this is what I believe.


If you really want something to make you think, read this article…


2 thoughts on “Creationism vs. The Big Bang

  1. It’s sad that religion so easily puts their explanation in a little box with a bow and expects everyone to take it like a gift. It is not a gift. It is not truth. It is brainwashing, plain and simple. It is a ridiculous notion and inhibits all ability to rationally hypothesize how we all came to be. Kudos for the post. I am hitting the follow button. Feel free to do the same for me!


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