Pray for me and pay for me.

I…. am an Atheist. You… .are a Christian (other Atheists do not apply). I’m sure you would say I am going to Hell as I have not accepted Jesus as my savior. I’m sure you will pray for me. Many have. But I ask that if you’re going to pray for me, pay me too. Just send as little as a dollar to show that you are committed to really saving my soul. I know I said I am unchurchable, but everyone has their price. I could go once for the right amount of money.

Feel free to pray and pay as much as you’d like.

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8 thoughts on “Pray for me and pay for me.

  1. If you haven’t seen it, check out a girl named Julianna Battenfield. She is trying to get people to pay her tuition for law school because she says god told her to be a lawyer. Sad part is, she’ll probably get the money.


    • I had never heard of her but I just read an article on her. I’m all for trying to raise money for school to better yourself but the biggest thing I have a problem with is her saying “God told her not to get loans” and that she has faith he will provide for her. Such bullshit.


      • I agree. Fundraisers are great, but not for flimsy reasons such as religion and trying to use said religion to manipulate people to give you money. She is delusional if she really believes what she claims. She needs a padded cell, not law school.


      • Right, I really don’t even mind going online and pleading your case but be honest about it. I’m sure you’re right though, I’m sure she’ll get her money.


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