Creationism vs. The Big Bang Part II

One thing I hear and even used myself growing up when arguing the case for creationism was how perfectly distanced the sun and moon was from us to be able to inhabit this earth, it had to have been placed that way for us. My view on that has done a 180. The way I see it now is BECAUSE of the positioning of the sun and moon that the Earth was able to produce life and produce it in the way that it did.

Another thing is the complexity of life. How could such complex beings happen by “accident”? Again, in the unfathomable amount of time that has gone by that since the moment of the big bang and the moment the simplest organisms came into being, there has been plenty of time for them to evolve into the organisms around today.


24 thoughts on “Creationism vs. The Big Bang Part II

  1. lim (energy+matter) = life

    As order approaches infinite, life occurs.

    A characteristic of life is order.

    We know from philosophy that God exists at the limit of infinite, i.e. God is infinite beauty, infinite good, infinite power, infinite knowledge, etc.

    We know from information theory that infinite order does not exist naturally. That is, infinite order indicates intelligence.

    Consequently, the existence of life, according to science, is the result of God.


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