The Decline of Humanity

I strive to be as good a person as possible. I try to not judge other people. It’s a battle every day, but one I feel is worth fighting. If everyone just cared about others even just half as much as they care about themselves, this world would be amazing. That’s no secret. But not just family or friends. All people. People you pass in the street. That you see at the store. I would urge everyone to start thinking about how their actions and their words effect those around them. Christians, atheists, black, white, old, young, fat, skinny, all of the above we all share this place we are living. Why spend the short amount of time we have letting little petty things anger us.

Don’t be petty.

Don’t judge.

This is probably my favorite speech. He does quote the Bible at one point, but the verse talks about the kingdom of god being in all of us people. Its 74 years old and still holds up…


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