Question for Christians #2

Why is it ok for god to not obey his own commandments but we are expected to? The two I’m referring to are murder and coveting. We are not supposed to kill but he killed just about everyone in the flood, and we’re not supposed to be jealous or covet but he calls himself a jealous god and we are not allowed to have other gods or worship anything or anyone else. Just in case somebody decides to bring it up, I’m not saying we should be allowed to kill, I’m saying this god has some double standards.


One thought on “Question for Christians #2

  1. Those rules, the Ten Commandments were given to men. No where does it say God has to follow the rules set for man. That being said the purpose of those rules was to show the depravity of the human condition compared to God’s standards.

    God killed the people of the flood because their hearts were wicked and they were so far away from God they would never turn to him.

    As to God being a jealous God. It is because he is God and there is no other. Therefore God deserves all glory and praise. Which often people give to other “gods.” Also the word translated jealous in that context refers to like a husband is jealous for his wife. So God is jealous for his people.


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