Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love?

Unconditional love?


18 thoughts on “Unconditional Love?

  1. Um, not a single verse says it’s unconditional… God is never seen as a cosmic force for “niceness” except maybe by hit and run Episcopalians


      • Lol. Fair enough. American religion scared out most the smart ones, and the few who stayed throw their hands up. There’s no theology in mob religion, and I think in general people are right to reject such drivel. Good for you sir /mam. Although I find your faith in man compelling 😄

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      • Yeah I guess my faith in man comes from me being able to get out of it, as a sir. I was pretty hardcore Christian for the first 24 years of my life, 31 now. I’ve come a long way. Doing my best to peacefully talk sense into those still in it.


      • Might I ask which group? I am not an evangelical so no shared experience with 99% but I’m 29 myself… So I am curious about my peers and such. To tell the truth I don’t get the issues people discuss either for or against, us traditional Calvinist are too out the mainstream. Can I enquire as to the big issues? Promise not to debate, just want data.


      • I grew up in both baptist and pentecostal churches. My main issue with religion is that it doesn’t allow people to just be free to live their lives and it imposes on everyone. I don’t expect religion to go away but I’d like to at least see my friends and family start to think about this stuff. And hopefully come to the same realization I did.


      • Thanks for the feedback, some people don’t like to talk about it. I think your observation about those groups is accurate, and unfortunately they are also the most influential. I’ve even found they try to press in on me, and I’m already religious. What worries me most is that evangelical / Catholic block that puts to very controlling ideals together to fight birth control, science, and humanities, which as a classic protestant I think are all good. I’ve never gone in for religion is good for its own sake myself.


      • Well, I’m a theologian so it get’s complex..

        I’m probably the last pure “protestant.” I am along the lines of the Alexandrian School of Christianity (Chrysostom, Augustine, Calvin) but not reformed. So TULIP but not inerrancy. Sola Scriptora with philosophy, history, and tradition. Sacraments, Councils etc. count too as long as they aren’t opposed by scripture. More Lutheran or Presbyterian.
        I don’t agree with 90% of evangelicals on much because they are too illiterate to hold a decent convo on the stuff.

        I’d say you’d notice I’m much more about feeding the sheep than entertaining the goats, so I don’t necessarily default to “convert the world.” I let the life we lead do that on it’s own.

        So where I am conservative it is only towards holiness and honor, doesn’t matter if you follow the rules if you don’t believe in the God and if you don’t honor yourself you will sell “it” on a corner, so say I.

        And, all truth is God’s truth so Evolution, etc. is not something to fight about, and it’s plain dishonorable to accuse scientist of lying. But, Social Darwinism, etc.is something to fight about.


      • I can respect all of that. And I definitely agree with not trying to “convert the world”. It’d be a losing battle. My ultimate goal is to plant seeds in those around me and see whether they grow or not.


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