My Background

I grew up in a religious family, in a Pentecostal church. Every part of my being believed in everything I was taught. From God creating the Earth and everything in it to him sending his only son to die on the cross for my sins. I listened to a lot of Christian music, went to church regularly, and was surrounded by Christian people at just about all times. I went to a Christian school that did not believe in any sort of music other than hymnals, girls couldn’t wear pants or anything that came above the knee, movies were bad (even had to sign something saying I wouldn’t go to the movies), dancing was bad, and of course all of the more obvious stuff. I wasn’t quite that serious about it. I still listened to music, went to the movies, etc. I was mostly a normal kid outside of drinking and drugs.

Then, I grew up.

I started working in retail management back in 2007 and my Sundays were no longer free for church, so I stopped going. I still prayed and read the Bible and stuff, just didn’t practice openly. This time was the first time I really felt like I started seeing the world for how it actually is. From 2007 to now my thoughts and views have completely changed. I no longer consider myself religious in any way and classify myself as an Atheist. Nothing happened between then and now to make me hate god or anything. I just started having questions and doubts and decided not to just brush them off as the devil doing that to distract me from god. Slowly over the course of about 5 years I got to the point I am now. And I am very happy that I did. It’s freeing.

This is just a collection of my thoughts and reasons why I believe the way I do. I’m not here to pick fights, change your mind, or anything else. Just to share and have rational conversation.


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