Bruce Lee on God

Bruce Lee frankly does not believe in god.

Bruce Lee frankly does not believe in god.


Question for Christians #2

Why is it ok for god to not obey his own commandments but we are expected to? The two I’m referring to are murder and coveting. We are not supposed to kill but he killed just about everyone in the flood, and we’re not supposed to be jealous or covet but he calls himself a jealous god and we are not allowed to have other gods or worship anything or anyone else. Just in case somebody decides to bring it up, I’m not saying we should be allowed to kill, I’m saying this god has some double standards.

The Decline of Humanity

I strive to be as good a person as possible. I try to not judge other people. It’s a battle every day, but one I feel is worth fighting. If everyone just cared about others even just half as much as they care about themselves, this world would be amazing. That’s no secret. But not just family or friends. All people. People you pass in the street. That you see at the store. I would urge everyone to start thinking about how their actions and their words effect those around them. Christians, atheists, black, white, old, young, fat, skinny, all of the above we all share this place we are living. Why spend the short amount of time we have letting little petty things anger us.

Don’t be petty.

Don’t judge.

This is probably my favorite speech. He does quote the Bible at one point, but the verse talks about the kingdom of god being in all of us people. Its 74 years old and still holds up…

Creationism vs. The Big Bang Part II

One thing I hear and even used myself growing up when arguing the case for creationism was how perfectly distanced the sun and moon was from us to be able to inhabit this earth, it had to have been placed that way for us. My view on that has done a 180. The way I see it now is BECAUSE of the positioning of the sun and moon that the Earth was able to produce life and produce it in the way that it did.

Another thing is the complexity of life. How could such complex beings happen by “accident”? Again, in the unfathomable amount of time that has gone by that since the moment of the big bang and the moment the simplest organisms came into being, there has been plenty of time for them to evolve into the organisms around today.


God Bless America…

…should not be played at sporting events. Even more I should not be asked to stand up for the singing of it. Being in St. Louis, I looooove the Cardinals. And I will continue to go to games and have a great time. But I don’t think that something with a religious affiliation should be played. If there is a Christian night at the ballpark (which they do) then fine, I can understand and would expect that kind of thing. But not in a situation when there are 45,000ish people of all different religions, ethnic groups, and backgrounds in general who came together for the love of baseball and their hometown team. So, I will continue to stay seated during that song, and stand when the national anthem is played. Go Cards!


It was a gorgeous night for a game.

It was a gorgeous night for a game.

Creationism vs. The Big Bang

For me it is easier to believe in The Big Bang than it is to believe that everything was created by some all powerful thing. I don’t believe we’re here by accident. I believe that with the amount of time that has existed our coming to being was an inevitability.  I don’t think as humans we can really fathom just how long the universe has been around or just how big it actually is. It’s humbling to see just how small our Earth is in comparison to everything around it. We aren’t even a speck. And the amount of time we are on this Earth is ridiculously small compared to the existence of time. This is the same reason I don’t believe that we are the only intelligent life out there. I believe that at some point there could have been life somewhere else in this universe, possibly very similar to us, but maybe vastly different. I wonder how far along technologically they had gotten or will get if they currently exist. Did they come up with the wheel too?

I’m no expert so i won’t try to explain evolution. The way I see it is simple. In this short time we are alive it is impossible for us to see evolution happening. In our lifetime chances are we will not get certain answers from science. And I’m willing to bet none of us will be a part of the rapture spoken of in The Bible. I’m a man of science rather than a man of god. Science looks for answers to all the questions we all have; where do we come from? how did we get here? Religion says God did it all and leaves it at that. No more thinking. Cause that’s too hard.

Believe what you want, this is what I believe.


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